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Slika revije Kužek

I am a specialist of entrepreneurship for small businesses, who doesn't give up easily. I have proved that multiple times in business and in sport, where I kept playing even when I broke my foot. I think that everyone can learn anything, but only if they want to. But, I have to be honest: In the first years I mostly created unsuccessful stories, that demanded a lot of time and money – but, after many unsuccessful projects and with having good mentors close to me, I managed to find ways, that can help anyone to create a company exactly like they want to. What I know how to do is to create a successful project and lead people towards a joint goal. I have more than ten years of practical experience in business, I have read hundreds and hundreds of books and attended many seminars. Every day I am in the company of positive people, who think in a similar way that I do. My knowledge was theoretically also improved by gaining a masters' degree in business disciplines.